Salon Modular Reception

Introducing the pinnacle of modern design and functionality for your salon’s welcome area: the Salon Modular Reception Desk. This exquisite piece is not only a first impression for your clients but also a versatile workstation for your staff. Crafted with the needs of a bustling salon in mind, this reception desk blends seamlessly into any decor, offering an elegant yet practical solution to manage your workspace efficiently.



The salon-grade construction boasts a sleek top, equipped with thoughtfully designed cable management ports. These ports ensure that your reception area remains tidy and free from the clutter of cables, contributing to a professional and organized appearance. Additionally, the inclusion of a cable tray further streamlines your workspace, allowing for easy access and minimal distraction. This feature is especially crucial in today’s technology-driven environment, where multiple devices need to be charged and operated simultaneously.

Understanding that storage needs can vary greatly from one salon to another, the Salon Modular Reception Desk offers flexibility by providing storage solutions sold separately. This allows you to customize your storage space according to your specific requirements, ensuring that everything you need is within reach without compromising on the sleek design of your reception area. Whether for filing important documents, storing salon essentials, or keeping personal items secure, the option to add storage units makes this desk a versatile choice for any salon looking to upscale its reception area both in terms of style and functionality.


Salon Straight Reception Desk

A modular system to suit any space

Accommodates reticulation

1200 x 732 x 1160 724 329 001

1500 x 732 x 1160 724 329 002

1800 x 732 x 1160 724 329 003


2100 x 732 x 1160 724 329 004

2400 x 732 x 1160 724 329 005

2700 x 732 x 1160 724 329 006