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    Canteen Shelves

    Introducing our versatile Canteen Plastic Moulding shelves, available in both 3 and 5-level configurations to perfectly fit your storage needs. Crafted with durability and practicality in mind, these shelves offer an innovative solution to keeping your space organized, whether it’s for personal use, in a professional kitchen, or any canteen setting.

    Available in a vibrant array of colors including Blue, Pink/Purple, Black, Grey, and an elegant Black/Grey combination, our Canteen Plastic Moulding shelves are designed not just for functionality but also to add a splash of style to any environment. The color options allow for personalization and can easily match your existing decor or theme, making these shelves a versatile choice for any setting.

    Constructed from high-quality, sturdy plastic, these moulding shelves promise longevity and are easy to clean, ensuring they maintain their sleek appearance over time. The 3-level variant is perfect for smaller spaces or lower volume storage needs, while the 5-level variant offers ample space for those requiring more storage capacity. Both options provide easy assembly and are lightweight, allowing for effortless relocation within your space as your needs evolve. Whether you’re looking to organize supplies, display items, or simply declutter, our Canteen Plastic Moulding shelves are the practical, stylish solution you’ve been searching for.

  • Canteen Plastic Moulding (3 Levels)

  • Canteen Plastic Moulding (5 Levels)