Titan Executive Desk

Introducing the Titan Executive Desk, a pinnacle of design and functionality tailored for the modern professional. This desk is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a statement of style and efficiency, designed to elevate any office environment. Featuring a robust 32mm floating top, the Titan offers an expansive workspace that appears to effortlessly hover, providing a sleek, contemporary look that will impress clients and enhance your work experience.

Functionality meets innovation with built-in cable management ports, ensuring your workspace remains clutter-free and organized. No more tangled wires or unsightly cables; the Titan Executive Desk allows for a seamless integration of technology, keeping your focus on productivity.

The desk is complemented by ample storage options, including a compartment with an adjustable shelf, catering to your unique storage needs. Whether it’s files, office supplies, or personal items, everything has its place. Additionally, the desk includes a modesty panel for privacy and a sturdy steel frame leg that guarantees stability and durability, promising years of use.

Designed with versatility in mind, the Titan Desk is non-handed or universal, meaning it can be set up in any orientation to suit your office layout and personal preferences. Note that the desk is presented without a chair, offering you the freedom to select seating that best fits your ergonomic needs. Elevate your office with the Titan Executive Desk, where functionality, design, and durability converge to create the ultimate workspace solution.


Titan Executive Desk

32mm top with cable management holes

Steel frame square leg

Includes side storage – 3 drawers, 1 door, 2 shelves


1900 x 1800 x 732 – 721 201 004