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    Padded Executive Range

    Introducing our premium Padded Executive Office Chair range, designed with precision to elevate your workspace while delivering unparalleled comfort and support. Our collection features four distinct models tailored to meet diverse needs and preferences: High Back, Medium Back, Draughtsman, and Visitors Chair. Each model boasts superior craftsmanship, ergonomic design, and stylish aesthetics, making them a perfect addition to any modern office environment.

    The High Back chair is the epitome of luxury and support, featuring an extra-padded backrest that extends superior comfort for those long working hours. Its adjustable settings and 360-degree swivel offer flexibility and ease of movement, ensuring optimal productivity and well-being.

    For those preferring a balance between support and flexibility, our Medium Back chair offers an ideal solution. Its ergonomic design promotes proper posture while providing sufficient freedom of movement. This model is perfect for dynamic work settings where switching between tasks is frequent.


    The Draughtsman chair is specifically designed for professionals who require elevated seating. It features a sturdy, adjustable foot ring and a high, padded backrest, offering comfort and support during prolonged periods of standing or drafting.

    Lastly, our Visitors Chair is designed to make a lasting impression. With its sleek design, comfortable padding, and robust build, it provides a welcoming and comfortable seating option for guests and clients, enhancing the professional image of your office space.

    Each chair in our Padded Executive Office Chair range is crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Choose the model that best suits your workspace needs and enjoy the perfect blend of comfort, style, and functionality.

  • Padded Draughtsman

  • Padded High Back

  • Padded Medium Back

  • Padded Visitor