Platinum Cluster Set-Up

Introducing the Platinum Cluster Set-Up, a pinnacle of modern design and functionality for discerning users who appreciate the finer details in their work environment. This exquisite setup features a 22mm floating top, gracefully suspended to provide an illusion of weightlessness and elegance. The floating top is not just a visual delight but also offers ample workspace that seamlessly blends with any high-end office or home study interior.




Crafted with precision, the Platinum Cluster Set-Up is further enhanced by its unique Cocoon Screens. These screens are not merely functional; they are a statement of style and privacy. Designed to create a personal enclave, the Cocoon Screens allow for focused work sessions without compromising on the aesthetics of the space. Their integration with the floating top offers a fluid, organic feel to the setup, inviting creativity and productivity.

The structure is supported by robust 16mm sides, ensuring stability and durability while maintaining a sleek profile. This deliberate choice of materials and dimensions speaks to the thoughtful engineering behind the Platinum Cluster Set-Up, aiming to provide users with a workspace that is both beautiful and built to last. Whether it’s for a high-stakes corporate environment or a creative home office, the Platinum Cluster Set-Up is more than just furniture; it’s a centerpiece that inspires and impresses.