Discovery Straight Desk with Extention& Pedestal

Introducing the Discovery Straight Desk with Extension & Pedestal, a sleek and sophisticated addition to any office space. Designed with functionality and style in mind, this desk is the perfect solution for those seeking to optimize their workspace while maintaining a sleek, professional look.



Crafted from high-quality materials, the desk features a robust 22mm top and 22mm sides, ensuring durability and stability for all your work needs. Whether you’re tackling day-to-day tasks or diving into more extensive projects, the Discovery Straight Desk provides a spacious and comfortable work area that allows for maximum productivity. The smooth, clean lines and modern design of the desk will complement any office décor, creating an inviting and efficient work environment.

One of the standout features of this desk is its extension and pedestal, offering additional space and storage options. The extension provides extra desk space when needed, perfect for meetings, collaborative projects, or simply spreading out your work materials. Meanwhile, the pedestal serves as a convenient storage solution, keeping your workspace tidy and organized by easily housing files, supplies, and personal items. Moreover, this range includes cluster desk options, allowing for customizable setups to fit the unique needs and layouts of any office space. Elevate your office with the Discovery Straight Desk with Extension & Pedestal, where functionality meets sophisticated design.


Discovery Lite Desks

22mm top & 16mm Matching Legs

Silver corner cap to protect leg corners

Silver cable management rings

1800 x 750 x 722 721 213 001

1500 x 750 x 722 721 213 002

1200 x 750 x 722 721 213 003

900 x 600 x 722 721 213 004

Discovery Rectangular Desks 1800 x 750 x 722 721 206 001

22mm top & sides 1500 x 750 x 722 721 206 002

Levelling Feet 1200 x 750 x 722 721 206 003

Cable Management Port 900 x 600 x 722 721 206 004