Elevate your workspace with our versatile line of Pedestals, designed to seamlessly blend functionality and style. Our pedestals come in a variety of configurations, including Mobile, Desk Height, and Fitted options, ensuring the perfect fit for your office needs.


Each pedestal is customizable with our dual-component color scheme; choose a cohesive look for the Top, Bottom, and Drawers (Component A), and complement or contrast with a different hue for the Back and Sides (Component B). This allows you to match your office décor or brand colors effortlessly.

Our Mobile Pedestal options are ideal for dynamic workspaces requiring flexibility and mobility. Equipped with smooth-gliding casters, these units allow you to move your storage wherever you go, ensuring your essential files and office supplies are always within reach. The Desk Height Pedestals are designed to fit snugly under standard desks, expanding your workspace by providing additional surface area and storage. For a more integrated solution, our Fitted Pedestals are custom-designed to attach directly to your desk, offering a sleek, built-in look while maximizing your organizational space.

Crafted from high-quality materials, each pedestal is built to last, providing durable, stylish storage solutions that keep your office organized and efficient. Whether you’re looking to create a cohesive office environment or need versatile storage that moves with you, our pedestals offer the perfect blend of form, function, and customization to meet your every need.

Component Colours:

A – Top & Bottom

A – Drawers

B – Back & Sides

Fitted Pedestal options

Mobile Pedestal options

Desk Height Pedestal options