Lightbox Reception

Introducing the sleek and modern Lightbox Reception, the perfect addition to any office or commercial space seeking to make a lasting impression. With its slim 22mm frame and sturdy 16mm back panel, this reception desk boasts not only style but also durability. Designed to meet the demands of busy environments, it comes equipped with brackets for easy installation, ensuring a seamless fit into your workspace without the need for adjustable feet.

The Lightbox Reception takes customization to the next level. A meticulously routed groove on the inside, just under the countertop, allows for the addition of a strip light, providing the option to illuminate your reception area with a warm, welcoming glow (note: strip light not included). This feature not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the desk but also ensures functionality, enabling your reception area to stand out in the best possible way.


Colour plays a crucial role in setting the tone of your reception area, and with the Lightbox Reception, you have the power to choose. The front panel comes in a sophisticated Linear Grain finish (Colour A), providing a touch of elegance and texture. For the top, bottom, and sides (Colour B), you have the freedom to select a finish that complements your space’s design and color scheme, ensuring a cohesive look throughout. Elevate your reception area with the Lightbox Reception desk, where design meets functionality.


Light-box Reception 22mm Frame,

16mm Back panel

Includes brackets, no adjustable feet.

Groove routed on inside under counter top,

to fix strip light if need be (strip light not included)

Colour A: Front panel (Linear Grain),

Colour B: Top, bottom & sides


Light box Reception Unit:

1500 x 200 x 900H 724 334 001

1800 x 200 x 900H 724 334 002

2000 x 200 x 900H 724 334 003

1500 x 200 x 1082H 724 334 004

1800 x 200 x 1082H 724 334 005

2000 x 200 x 1082H 724 334 006