Envy Soft Seating & Shell Petal Tables

Introducing the epitome of modern elegance and comfort, the Envy Soft Seating & Shell Petal Tables collection. Designed with sophistication and a touch of nature’s allure, this collection brings an unparalleled charm to any space, be it an office lounge, a hotel lobby, or the cozy corner of your living room.

At the heart of this collection lies the Envy Lounge Chair, a masterpiece crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Its plush seating invites you to sink into unparalleled comfort, while the sleek, contemporary design makes it a visual treat. The chair’s ergonomic contours are wrapped in premium fabric, ensuring both luxury and longevity. Whether you’re delving into a book or engaging in deep conversation, the Envy Lounge Chair elevates every moment.



Complementing the lounge chair is the Shell Petal Coffee Table, an exemplar of how form and function can coalesce beautifully. Inspired by the delicate shape of a petal, this table is not just a piece of furniture but a conversation starter. Its sturdy construction and smooth finish make it both durable and elegant, perfect for holding your coffee as you relax or display pieces that spark joy. Additionally, the Shell Writing Tablet offers a seamless blend of utility and style. Designed for the modern individual, it provides a stable and stylish surface for your writing or digital devices, making it an indispensable addition to the collection.

Together, the Envy Soft Seating & Shell Petal Tables collection redefines luxury and comfort. Each piece stands out yet harmonizes perfectly, creating an ambiance of refined relaxation. Transform your space into a haven of beauty and comfort with this exquisite collection.


850 X 890 X 765

Fabric requirements: 6 L/M

Chair only – 5 L/M

Cushion – 1 L/M

COM 635 735 001

SP 635 735 011



Birch ply top with a chamfered edge and

laminate finish on Shell steel cut legs

935 x 534 x 500 724 332 020

1030 x 590 x 450 724 332 022

1130 x 645 x 400 724 332 018


492 X 430 X 718

Birch ply top with a chamfered edge and

laminate finish on Shell steel cut legs

Xtreme Matte 724 332 024

Std. HPL 724 332 023