Titan Managers Desk

Introducing the Titan Managers Desk – an embodiment of strength, functionality, and elegance, designed for the modern-day leader. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this desk features a robust 32mm top, accentuating not just its striking presence but also its durability and resilience. The surface is ingeniously equipped with cable management ports, ensuring a clean and organized workspace by effortlessly concealing wires and cables.


The Titan Managers Desk goes beyond traditional design by incorporating a versatile pedestal, offering ample storage solutions for your essential documents and office supplies. The inclusion of a modesty panel adds an element of privacy, fostering a sense of personal space and concentration in an open-office layout. Its steel frame leg underpins the entire structure with unwavering stability, blending seamlessly with the desk’s aesthetics while promising longevity and support.

Designed with a non-handed or universal approach, the desk caters to every manager’s needs, allowing for flexible setup in any office environment. Whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, the Titan Managers Desk adapts to your personal preference, ensuring maximum comfort and efficiency. Elevate your office with the Titan Managers Desk – where functionality meets sophistication.


Titan Managers Desk

1900 x 800 x 732 721 201 006

32mm top with cable management holes

Steel frame square leg

Includes storage – 3 drawers, 2 shelves


Sliding Door Cabinet


Includes shelves

1510 x 420 x 1082 712 157 001

1510 x 420 x 722 712 157 002

900 x 420 x 1082 711 116 002