Slimline Single Workstation

The Slimline Single Workstation is the ultimate solution for professionals seeking a sleek, efficient workspace that blends form and function seamlessly. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this workstation features a robust 22mm thick top, offering a sturdy and spacious surface for all your work essentials. The integrated cable management port and accompanying cable tray ensure that your workspace remains tidy and organized, free from the clutter of wires and cables that so often disrupt the work environment.




Designed with productivity in mind, this workstation includes cross beams for added stability, ensuring that your focus remains uninterrupted by wobbles or shakes. Moreover, the inclusion of lockable storage provides a secure space for your valuable documents and personal items, allowing you to keep your workspace both organized and safe.

Whether you’re furnishing a home office or upgrading your corporate workspace, the Slimline Single Workstation is the perfect quantity of efficiency and style. Its slim profile makes it an ideal choice for optimizing your work area, providing ample space for your tasks without overwhelming your room. Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality with the Slimline Single Workstation, and elevate your working environment to the next level.


Slim-line Single Desk (own pedestal)

Fixes onto slim line pedestal

1200 x 750 x 722 722 253 002

1500 x 750 x 722 722 253 003

1400 x 750 x 722 722 253 005

1800 x 750 x 722 722 253 004

2 Draw 1 Deep Filer Multi Storage

No top,

Central locking

400 x 755 x 700 712 152 002