Fold-Up Tables

Introducing our versatile Fold-Up Tables, the perfect addition to any event or household looking for a practical yet elegant solution for extra serving space. With dimensions of 1800 x 450, these tables are ideally sized to serve as generous buffet or serving tables, providing ample space for a variety of dishes and utensils.

Designed with convenience in mind, our Fold-Up Tables boast an incredibly easy set-up and knock-down process, allowing you to transform any space into a functional area within minutes. Whether you’re hosting a large family gathering, a corporate event, or simply need an extra surface for your crafting projects, these tables seamlessly blend into any setting.


Crafted with durability and style, our Fold-Up Tables are not only sturdy and reliable but also feature a sleek design that complements any decor. Their compact fold-up design ensures that storage is never an issue, even in the most space-constrained environments. Make your gatherings effortless and your space adaptable with our Fold-Up Tables – the ultimate solution for versatile and stylish serving needs.

Easy to set-up and knock down

1800 x 450 – ideal as Serving tables

Fold-up Table

Spring loaded legs fold up against top

Steel frame

With levelling feet

Bumper grommets for easy stacking

1350 x 600 x 716 611 605 001

1800 x 450 x 716 611 605 002

1350 x 450 x 716 611 605 006

1800 x 750 x 722 611 605 003

1800 x 600 x 722 611 605 005