Echo Boardroom Table

Introducing the Echo Boardroom Table: the epitome of modern elegance and functionality designed to elevate any meeting space. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this table features a unique barrel shape, providing ample space and promoting engaging interactions among participants. The top of the Echo is constructed from a robust 22mm thick material, ensuring durability and a premium feel that stands the test of time.


Beneath its sleek surface, the table is supported by a powder-coated steel frame, blending strength with sophistication. This frame not only guarantees stability during those intense discussions and decision-making sessions but also adds a touch of contemporary style with its clean lines and minimalist design.

Whether you’re hosting clients, brainstorming with your team, or leading a seminar, the Echo Boardroom Table is the perfect centerpiece. Its versatile design seamlessly integrates into any decor, from ultra-modern to classic business environments, making it an indispensable addition to your office furniture collection. Experience the perfect blend of form and function with the Echo Boardroom Table, where ideas flourish and decisions are made.

Echo Boardroom Table

22 mm Barrel Shaped top

Steel frame with support beams & Support middle beam and leveling feet

2400 x 1200 x 722 (2 legs) 771361001

3000 x 1200 x 722 (2 legs) 771361002

3600 x 1200 x 722 (3 legs) 771361002

Barrel Shaped 22mm Top with a powder coated steel frame.